Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Statement Jewels

How to wear statement Jewellery this Autumn.

I'll start off with the question, what is statement jewellery?  For me, statement jewelry is any kind of jewelry that makes a big impact.  Big bib necklaces,  wide cuff bracelets, generously-sized chandelier earrings or all qualify as statement jewelry.
    In general, statement jewelry makes such an impact that you’d only want to wear one piece (a pair of earrings count as one piece) at a time.  Of course, for black tie events you can bend the rules a little…
Very often you see  statement jewelry overpowering the wearer or it  throws an entire look off balance. Scale and details of the piece are really important. There's a lot out there hence the importance of choosing well!

When it comes to statement Jewellery, I am from the school of thought which believes that less is definately more.  So here are my basic rules.

1. Pair big accessories with casual clothes like A t-shirt and nice pair of slim fit  jeans. It acts as a blank backdrop for more complicated jewelry. If its too casual for your corporate office then why not pair it with a plain blouse and neutral trousers instead.

2. Great attention has to be paid to necklines. Halters, plunging necklines, or over-the-shoulder-silhouettes compete with big necklaces so opt for large earrings or an arm full of bracelets instead.

3. Stick to solids. while some might say mixing statement pieces with patterned clothes makes for a bohemian vibe,  plain shirts or dresses are more foolproof and keep the spotlight on your jewelry. Remember the golden rule, less is truly more.

4. A statement necklace looks great with a basic shift dress or a plain top with a high neckline. Remember, it's a statement necklace, so let it do the talking. However, if you decide  to pair a statement necklace with a loud color  garment  , make sure the colors compliment each other or that the necklace is black. (like a gold necklace against green or orange)

5. Understand your body's proportions. If you're petite or curvy, you want to avoid long strings of layered beads. It will chop up the line of your torso, making you appear shorter and wider. However, if you're long waisted or very thin, that effect can be quite flattering.
In conclusion,  statment jewellery can be one of the best ways to break a fashion rut and add spice to an otherwise boring outfit. For the some of the latest trends, check out adcjewels

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