Saturday, 28 July 2012

Glam Cas.

So it's been almost a year, not sure why I haven't blogged really, just life happening I guess. A lot has happened. Lost weight. Gained weight. Lost it again.  Now trying to maintain it, Oh Lord help me please!

Went out for Fabulous Dee's birthday dinner recently after work, hope you still remember her, I know it's been a while. Matching Mez couldn't come, Ramadan started that morning, bummer! Felt sorry for her 'cos we've been talking about this for a while.

So dilemma, hmmm you guessed it, What to wear? What not to wear? Should I go smart, casual or go all glam? Have to be careful don't want to upstage party girl so in the end, decided to go Glam Cas. Yes, it's not a typo, Glam Cas. Glamorous yet casual. Bought this gorgeous black sequins top from Hedonia, shssssh girls, ( my go to online shop) Teamed with a super skinny black jeans from Primary, ( ok , Primark, keep it quiet pls) red blazer from Zara. Oh ,it just worked a treat. Not too little, not too much, just right.

Night out was lovely, went to Thai Silk in Southwark, London. The crowd was lovely, atmosphere was great, food was yum yum and yours truly looked fab. See pics below.

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Blazer ( )
Jewelery (

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Statement Jewels

How to wear statement Jewellery this Autumn.

I'll start off with the question, what is statement jewellery?  For me, statement jewelry is any kind of jewelry that makes a big impact.  Big bib necklaces,  wide cuff bracelets, generously-sized chandelier earrings or all qualify as statement jewelry.
    In general, statement jewelry makes such an impact that you’d only want to wear one piece (a pair of earrings count as one piece) at a time.  Of course, for black tie events you can bend the rules a little…
Very often you see  statement jewelry overpowering the wearer or it  throws an entire look off balance. Scale and details of the piece are really important. There's a lot out there hence the importance of choosing well!

When it comes to statement Jewellery, I am from the school of thought which believes that less is definately more.  So here are my basic rules.

1. Pair big accessories with casual clothes like A t-shirt and nice pair of slim fit  jeans. It acts as a blank backdrop for more complicated jewelry. If its too casual for your corporate office then why not pair it with a plain blouse and neutral trousers instead.

2. Great attention has to be paid to necklines. Halters, plunging necklines, or over-the-shoulder-silhouettes compete with big necklaces so opt for large earrings or an arm full of bracelets instead.

3. Stick to solids. while some might say mixing statement pieces with patterned clothes makes for a bohemian vibe,  plain shirts or dresses are more foolproof and keep the spotlight on your jewelry. Remember the golden rule, less is truly more.

4. A statement necklace looks great with a basic shift dress or a plain top with a high neckline. Remember, it's a statement necklace, so let it do the talking. However, if you decide  to pair a statement necklace with a loud color  garment  , make sure the colors compliment each other or that the necklace is black. (like a gold necklace against green or orange)

5. Understand your body's proportions. If you're petite or curvy, you want to avoid long strings of layered beads. It will chop up the line of your torso, making you appear shorter and wider. However, if you're long waisted or very thin, that effect can be quite flattering.
In conclusion,  statment jewellery can be one of the best ways to break a fashion rut and add spice to an otherwise boring outfit. For the some of the latest trends, check out adcjewels

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

21 Again! -- Gamila's Secret

So its Wednesday, in my quest to look 21 again, I stumbled on an amazing product handmade in galilee, israel. Produced from pure virgin olive oil mixed with 15 different local herbs, talk about miracle product, this thing works wonders. It's called gamila's secret and promises to restore and stimulate the natural balance and breathing of the skin. I don't know about skin breathing but I can tell you this much, after the first week of use there was a noticeable difference to my face, my skin was more radiant and brighter than normal. Approaching one month and my skin has remained consistently clearer. Below you'll find the picture of the soap and stockists
Here's a picture of my soap.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Love Art Wear Art

So its Tuesday, we'll continue with our series Love Art Wear Art
If you haven't heard of her you soon will, Anna Luks, who burst into the London Fashion scene last February, with her debut at the London Fashion week 2011.
Tanzanian born Fashion Designer, Anna Lukindo also showcased her latest collection from her fashion label Anna Luks on the  8th of  July at the LGN Events and it was a runway success.
Her unique signature is the clever use of ropes,zips, cords,yarns and  organic fabrics which makes her work go far beyond just desinging clothes.The designs as you would see below is modern, classy and very elegant. 
In  her work you find an approach termed in economics as "laissez-faire",which simply means "let it be" "leave alone", she allows her imagination free reign in pursuit of her master piece, like the dresses below.

And this floaty beauty, my personal favourite:

There is nothing like having a piece designed just for you. Email enquiries:

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Poncho Dress ?

So its Monday and not sure what to wear to work. Should I go smart as expected or go all casual.
Blue Jeans on Monday?, well if it rains like it did over the weekend,  I want to be very dry and warm.

So pulled out my black boots, black long sleeve top and blue cardigan. Then I saw my grey poncho eyeing me, I promise you it said pick me, pick me! .
So I picked it. Now what does a girl do with all these? I Pulled the trousers on, then the top and tried on the poncho. It's a cowl neck so it went straight through my shoulders and rested on my bosom and I thought hmmm not bad as a dress. 

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Sexy Skin Diet

So its Monday Hope you all had a weekend good! Let’s talk healthy eating……

In my quest for youthfulness,  thought I'll share what I’ve discovered on healthy eating with you today, now am no expert but been reading up a bit and determined to be healthy and look young for as long as I can. I know  its harder to loose the weight as you get older and even harder to maintain. Have mercy O Lord!
Determined and laying the foundation for the week ahead!.

So healthy eating, been looking at a sexy skin diet which apparently Mel B is a fan of, when it comes to skin i'll admit i'm a bit vain, yet to meet a woman who isn't worried about her skin though.  the diet is packed with foods and nutrients that are healthy yet feed your skin. Oils found in fish, vitamin A found in vegetables and Vitamin E found in nuts renowned for boosting nourishment , which helps to add a noticeable lustre and softeness to your complexion and then there’s flaxseed also know for its health benefits. Here goes….

Breakfast Menu options.
1) Porridge (organic if u can get it) made with skimmed milk topped off with one tablespoon of flaxseeds mixed with blueberries. Small glass of orange juice.
2) Wholewheat cereal topped with one tablespoon of ground flaxseed mixed with strawberries. One small glass of grapefruit juice.
3) Low fat muesli topped with, you guessed it one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds,  mixed dried fruit and plain yoghurt.
Tomato juice with a splash of lemon( won't be trying this, tomato for me is better is soups and salads) Moving on ....

Lunch Options
 1) Small tin of tuna mixed with low fat mayo, served with salad and one ryvita. Glass of skimmed milk.
2)  Prawn salad with grapefruit Vinaigrette. Baby carrot and six rice crackers. Glass of skimmed milk.
3) Homemade turkey caesar wrap.1/2 cup of salsa with pepper strips. Glass of skimmed milk.

Dinner Options
1) Baked sole fillet with half cup of brown rice tossed with steamed  spinach, lemon juice, garlic and peppers.  Vanilla pudding with mixed berries and a  cup of green tea. hmm yummy, looking forward 2 this!.
2) Beef tenderloin served with mixed greens with djion dressing. 1/2 cup of strawberry sorbet with mixed berry, will be worth the wait. Yummy, and yes lest not forget the green tea.  
3) Skinless chicken breast served with mashed sweet potatoe and half cup of steamed brocoli  tossed with garlic and olive oil. 1/2 cup of plain yoghurt with mixed berries.  Ah yes, green tea.

The dinner menus are certainly my fav.

Afternoon snacks.
Apple, tangerine,orange. Small handful of mixed nuts. ½ cup of nuts, dried fruits and pretzels.
One cup of yoghurt with seasonal berries. Six baby carrots. 

Youth zappers
Crips, Alcohol, Salt, Cheese, Smoking.- It’s a killer for your skin.

Golden Rule : Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day to keep you hydrated and stop y our body confusing thirst for hunger.

Always like to leave you with my earrings, so here goes.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Girl

So its Friday, and I woke up not feeling like going to work at all, tired and drowsy, had to practically drag myself off the bed this morning. Not sure why really as I went to bed earlyish around 11pm and woke up 5.15a.m or thereabout, now I didn't say I got up just woke up.

Anyway after debating on what not 2 wear, finally decided on my green silk blouse(zara last season) and my wide leg jeans from good old bardot , I'll let u guess how much that cost.
After all that, when I looked up, realised was running late for work for the upteenth time, bless my boss O Lord. Quick text 2 say running late 4 work bent down 2 put my shoes on then it happened, OMG, a noise that sounded like a rip under my armpit, Great just what I needed.
Dilemma, should I change and if so to what? Just then I saw my caramel cardi and my caramel sandals dancing, in my minds eye of course. Ah bliss, problem solved!

So today I'm wearing my green ripped silk blouse over my lovely size 12 jeans, (well I worked hard to finally get into it)with my caramel cable knit cardi and caramel sandals finished off with a multi strand beaded necklace.

So on to the weekend hmm, plans for d weekend?, non as yet. it always seem to go like a breeze I mean b4 u say week the end has already come.(Weekend that is) am in camden town now on the northern line at the moment and a passenger alarm has just gone off so we're stuck on the platform, hmm just keeps getting better!. On the bright side we're not between stations.

Oh yeah, the weekend, still musing on what to do really. So here’s a list of things one might do-.
1) Swimming, overall body exercise.( a very cruel person told me very recently that I was too old to do a100m sprint in less than 20secs, I’ll show you!).
2) Go to your local cinema to watch Bridesmaids or Xmen First Class( saw this last week, Fab)
3) Then there’s the City of London Festival
4) James Bond Tour- For all you 007 fans.

Friday Night Red Dangles -
Have a great weekend all!
Yours Truly
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