Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Girl

So its Friday, and I woke up not feeling like going to work at all, tired and drowsy, had to practically drag myself off the bed this morning. Not sure why really as I went to bed earlyish around 11pm and woke up 5.15a.m or thereabout, now I didn't say I got up just woke up.

Anyway after debating on what not 2 wear, finally decided on my green silk blouse(zara last season) and my wide leg jeans from good old bardot , I'll let u guess how much that cost.
After all that, when I looked up, realised was running late for work for the upteenth time, bless my boss O Lord. Quick text 2 say running late 4 work bent down 2 put my shoes on then it happened, OMG, a noise that sounded like a rip under my armpit, Great just what I needed.
Dilemma, should I change and if so to what? Just then I saw my caramel cardi and my caramel sandals dancing, in my minds eye of course. Ah bliss, problem solved!

So today I'm wearing my green ripped silk blouse over my lovely size 12 jeans, (well I worked hard to finally get into it)with my caramel cable knit cardi and caramel sandals finished off with a multi strand beaded necklace.

So on to the weekend hmm, plans for d weekend?, non as yet. it always seem to go like a breeze I mean b4 u say week the end has already come.(Weekend that is) am in camden town now on the northern line at the moment and a passenger alarm has just gone off so we're stuck on the platform, hmm just keeps getting better!. On the bright side we're not between stations.

Oh yeah, the weekend, still musing on what to do really. So here’s a list of things one might do-.
1) Swimming, overall body exercise.( a very cruel person told me very recently that I was too old to do a100m sprint in less than 20secs, I’ll show you!).
2) Go to your local cinema to watch Bridesmaids or Xmen First Class( saw this last week, Fab)
3) Then there’s the City of London Festival
4) James Bond Tour- For all you 007 fans.

Friday Night Red Dangles -
Have a great weekend all!
Yours Truly
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