Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Love Art Wear Art

So its Tuesday, we'll continue with our series Love Art Wear Art
If you haven't heard of her you soon will, Anna Luks, who burst into the London Fashion scene last February, with her debut at the London Fashion week 2011.
Tanzanian born Fashion Designer, Anna Lukindo also showcased her latest collection from her fashion label Anna Luks on the  8th of  July at the LGN Events and it was a runway success.
Her unique signature is the clever use of ropes,zips, cords,yarns and  organic fabrics which makes her work go far beyond just desinging clothes.The designs as you would see below is modern, classy and very elegant. 
In  her work you find an approach termed in economics as "laissez-faire",which simply means "let it be" "leave alone", she allows her imagination free reign in pursuit of her master piece, like the dresses below.

And this floaty beauty, my personal favourite:

There is nothing like having a piece designed just for you. Email enquiries: anna@annuluks.com

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